Examples of My Work

I range easily across visual communication styles from formal academic or government writing, through a looser blog style and on to graphical presentation of information. Below are some examples of writing, graphical design and video.

Book. A published author (HarperCollins) I am a member of the Society of Authors.  I wrote Trusted Mole in 1998 while successfully dealing with false allegations of spying.  Trusted Mole, published in April 2000 to critical acclaim, details my experiences of mediation from 1992 to 1995 during the war in Bosnia-Hercegovina.  For more details click here >>

Review. For my leading double book review in The Spectator of A.C. Grayling’s War: An Enquiry and Martin Van Creveld’s More on War click here >>

Review. For my book review of Jim Richard’s Gold Rush click here >>

Review. For my book review of Yellowlees Douglas’ Cambridge University Press The Reader’s Brain click here >>

Review. For my review of the Peter Kosminsky’s BBC’s drama Warriors for the Central and Eastern European London Review click here >>

For a complete account of how I crossed the Corsican mountains in 2019 in record time check out my blog by clicking here >>

Graphic Design.  Graphic used for promoting Trusted Mole.  Click here >>

Graphic Design.  Graphics used for the Swatting Midges With Crowbars article.  Click here >>

Graphic Design. Threat heat map infographic in support of Studio Lambert’s successful pitch to BBC2 for the pilot production of its hit TV series Race Across the World.
Click here >>

Graphic Design. A series of 72 threat heat map infographics for 1st Option Safety Group based on the FCO’s threat categories.
For Pakistan Click here >>

Graphic Design. Infographic showing the interrelationship between Ways, Means and Ends, the OODA loop decision making cycle and the Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Assessment process.
Click here >>

Video. I occasionally work with video as a communication medium. For an 8min summary of a 33-day hike across the French Alps in 2018 to raise money for Children With Cancer UK click here >>